Where Do Most Orthodontists Work?

Learn where most orthodontists work and the types of orthodontists available. Find out about the career choice and the full-time and part-time options.

Where Do Most Orthodontists Work?

Orthodontists typically work in specially-equipped offices with one or more treatment areas for patients. They usually sit on chairs or stools when consulting or treating patients. Orthodontists may work in a private office, either as individual professionals or as part of a group practice. The workplace may vary, but it typically includes an office with one or more treatment rooms equipped with dental chairs and orthodontic equipment. There are several types of orthodontists who specialize in different areas of orthodontics.

Becoming an orthodontist requires a great deal of time, money, and effort, but it is a highly valued career choice. When an orthodontist decides to leave a general dental office, they are often responsible for finding new orthodontists for all of their orthodontic patients, or they risk being accused of patient neglect. Many orthodontists start out as part of a group practice, but then go on to start their own business or partner with one or two other orthodontists. Orthodontists usually work full-time, but there are part-time work options available, even for semi-retired orthodontists.

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