What Types of Materials are Used for Braces in the UK?

Learn about the different types of materials used for braces in the UK, including stainless steel alloys, ceramic, and metal orthodontic appliances.

What Types of Materials are Used for Braces in the UK?

Stainless steel alloys are being used less and less often these days, even though they are very cost-effective and dependable. They are usually composed of stainless steel, with small amounts of copper and other “impure metals” added to increase flexibility. This type of material is not as flexible as other alloys, but it can still do the job. There are many different types of braces. Some are fixed and stay in place all the time.

These are the standard braces for NHS treatment for children under 18 years old. Whether you choose ceramic or metal braces, the components are essentially the same, as is the treatment process and the final outcome. The difference between ceramic and metal orthodontic appliances is that the material used for the braces is transparent, white or tooth-colored ceramic. This means that braces blend in with the teeth and are much less noticeable from a distance. Some orthodontists work with orthodontic therapists who can adjust orthodontic appliances under the supervision of the orthodontist.

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