Do Orthodontists Exist in the UK?

Learn about orthodontic treatment in the UK and how to become an orthodontist. Find out what qualifications are needed and what type of career you can pursue.

Do Orthodontists Exist in the UK?

When it comes to specialized orthodontic treatment in the United Kingdom, applicants must have completed their degree in dental surgery (BDS or BChD). After earning the BDS degree, they must have at least 24 months of experience before they can apply for specialized training. Additionally, applicants must have completed their basic dental training. Upon completion of the training, they will receive an artist number which will allow them to work in the NHS in the UK.

Applicants do not necessarily have to start a DCT career, but must be able to demonstrate equivalent competencies. Alternatively, some orthodontists work with orthodontic therapists who can adjust orthodontic appliances under the supervision of the orthodontist.

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